Tagliatore, a brand with a strong evocative meaning, born from the family tradition, has now been represented for many years through a simple creative image but efficient from a communicative point of view. A case history with a strong emotional impact which puts in first place the product in all its stylistic brilliance. The evocation of the fashion design perceived from the style that it represents, always similar in its preparation but different in content.


Lardini was born from the passion of a family: masters of the jacket, able to decline in their collections all the excellence of the sartorial tradition of the Marches, a unique land, rich in courage and passion. Skilled workmanship and meticulous production are combined with major investments in research, development, innovation and training. The result is that Lardini is recognised today as the epitome of Made in Italy excellence.


Isabel Benenato was born in Naples, Italy. She graduated from the Art Institute of Lucca, and then moved on to major in foreign languages and literature at University of Pisa. Since launching her first collection in Milan in 2008, Isabel Benenato has received critical acclaim from international buyers. Today the brand is distributed in the best shops all over the world.


In the early decades of the twentieth century, in Montegranaro, a little city in the Marche region, immediately after the First World War, Adelio Franceschetti, grandfather of the current owners of the Calzaturificio Franceschetti, started men’s shoes production, completely handmade in the workshop downstairs. His two sons, Annibale and Ugo, soon joined him in the shop and at the end of World War II Adelio established, with their support, the company “Calzaturificio Adelio” of Franceschetti Brothers. They carried on the production of shoes after the death of their father in 1957, changed location several times for their laboratory, until 1965, when it was inaugurated what today is the base of the Calzaturificio Franceschetti. In 1983, with the transition to the third generation, the current company was established under the name of Calzaturificio “Franceschetti Srl”. The company, in addition to its marketing in Italy, begins to export in Austria, Germany, Japan and Belgium. Currently the Calzaturificio Franceschetti, faithful to craft a clear tendency, operating with good results in some of the major international markets, most notably Germany, Russia, Italy, Hong Kong, Austria, France, USA, Turkey and Japan. The key to success was that it had always produced a high range of shoes, mainly in leather, characterized by double-stitched with blake rapid method, hand milling, cladding and colors of leathers always handmade, as befits to the greatest bottier masters. A peculiarity characterizes each brand: the natural tendency of the master craftsmen of the Calzaturificio Franceschetti to excellence and attention to details.


Daniele Fiesoli is the most exclusive Brand from Woolgroup srl , Woolgroup handcraft knitwear company was born in the 90’s from his founder Daniele Fiesoli

The main target of his founder was to put: all his passion, know how and taste for building a handcraft knitwear collection able to join a correct price point of his products with the quality of a “made in Italy” production; to reinforce this concept and the Love Daniele has for his territory is the motto “Daniele Fiesoli Absolutely Made in Italy” , in fact all workmanship and fabric are coming from Italy and in particular from Tuscany, a real industrial district for the knitwear-maker.-

The passion and the love of all Woolgroup peoples brought in a very few years the brand name Daniele Fiesoli to be considered one of the principal players in the Italian Fashion Industry

Daniele Fiesoli, is now declared from everybody an innovative Brand in the Knitwear Italian Fashion Industry panorama, the good job done evolved the collection from a simply concept of knitwear collection into a “total look collection” with slim fit and contemporary shapes: t-shirt with exclusive “hand made” printings, sportive and informal blazers, young shirts , chino’s and five pockets trousers, soft knitwear…..and also precious scarves and hats, sneakers….everything made for a perfect combination piece by piece.


Founded in 1974 by Mauro Sani, who set out to make the best riding boots in the world, Buttero remains owned and run by the Sani family. Buttero’s soul – and sole – is bound to Tuscany. The footwear has and always will be made in this enchanted region of Italy. Buttero builds shoes with a passion for tradition, creativity and authenticity: the Buttero mark is a symbol of quality.

Buttero emerges from the sunbeaten hills of Tuscany: the best traditions of Italian shoemaking refined into leather footwear of premium quality. Named for Tuscany’s old-time cowboys, the Buttero brand is renowned around the world for its superior leather riding boots. Handmade by craftsmen in Stabbia, Tuscany, Buttero boots honour the Tuscan recipe book with simple, honest, local ingredients. Buttero uses the best local vegetable-tanned leathers, which age beautifully, like the region’s wine. The silhouettes benefit from the Italian eye for form, proportion and style. The final result: a fusion of pure rawness and elegance.


Mr Carlo Valenti, the founder of Anderson’s, was born in 1935. As a young man in 1960, he started learning the art of belt making at a famous leather factory in Parma. Here he found everything there is to know about leather, so after 6 years he took that knowledge and decided to start his own business. Together with a few colleagues and his future wife, he started the Anderson’s company in 1966. Being an Anglophile, he was very fond of hats and wore suits by English tailor ‘Anderson and Sheppard’… that’s how the name ‘Anderson’s’ came to life. Anderson’s is now one of the leading accessories companies in Italy and maybe the oldest men’s belt manufactory in Europe.

Each garment is made with knowledge and quality that has been passed on from generation to generation. The town Parma has been the birthplace of high quality Italian belts and Anderson’s pieces are one of its outstanding products. Our heritage is evident in placing values on material, sewing, processing and workmanship passed on over generations within our family. That’s why all our products are entirely handmade in Italy using premium quality leathers and fabrics for belts manufactured with highest standards and craftsmanship.