“Being a free rider is all about being free” advised Wil White before pushing his limits on his mountain bike. Ever since the foundation in 1952, Moncler has carried sport in its very DNA. Moncler embarks now on a new chapter: Moncler Passion for Sport. Stories of people dedicated to planning arduous and demanding challenges. Lives that have been selected by Moncler for the passion they have.

The first episode of “Moncler Passion for Sport” is all about Freeride Mountain Biking. A Freerider, Wil White, who channels his entire energy into something positive, healthy and fun such as the Freeride Mountain Biking. When he rides his bike, everything else disappears. He’s so focused about doing what he’s doing that he doesn’t really think about anything else, he doesn’t think about fear and the consequences of falling. Being a freerider is almost a meditation.